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The 1st Design Budget Hotel with exclusive rooftop bar in St. Pölten

My Mom always used to say, “Son, dignified but affordable is not mutually exclusive!” For this reason, I set up the first Design Budget Hotel with 50 high-grade and stylish rooms at stunning price. At least, you shall feel totally at ease and this already starts with the wallet.

I particularly installed 5 Lady-Rooms for the ladies, since we literally mean “Ladies First”! 2 Family-Rooms are available for families and even for those whoever want to come along alone, may rest well in a double room at fair price, too!

We also offer in our Breakfast Lounge (Roof Top) an exquisite and generous breakfast buffet of high-quality products from regional producers of four-star standard for only 11.50 EURO, breathtaking Ötscherview inclusive! Young hotel guests till the age of 10 have breakfast for free. External guests can enjoy our breakfast buffet nn weekdays from 6.30am until 10am.


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My mom always used to say, “Alfred, in a restaurant I would like to experience especially one thing: I want to feel comfortable!” Hence, I combined several “restaurants” all in one - you can settle in the Indoor Garden, the theater or the factory designed in a cool industrial-look. And if there is nice weather, I invite you to St. Pölten's single roof top terrace, our SUNDECK, plus marvelous Ötscherview.Additionally, to a huge range of nice drinks, I created a comprehensive menu containing diverse and exquisite snacks and delicacies, reaching from the ALFRED Flammkuchen (tarte flambée) to our fresh salads. For those who are only slightly hungry or hungry as a hunter. Enjoy!In the ALFRED a roof top bar with 200 square meters is awaiting you, our SUNDECK - unique in St. Pölten! Undertake in the middle of the hectic city a relaxing journey away from the dullness of everyday life. Enjoy at the SUNDECK a stunning view at the Prealps and greet the impressive Ötscher, gaze at the sunset in wonder and during mild evenings get some exquisite cocktails and delicious snacks served. Moreover, at the SUNDECK we are surprising from time to time with specials like barbecue, SUNDECK-lounge incl. unwinding house-music and much more.In this sense, just come in! I am looking forward to your visit!